Paul is off and running!

…Well, crawling at least.


Paul turns 6 months

In the beginning of August, Paul turned 6 months.  Every day he amazes us with how fast he is growing and learning!  He can sit up now all on his own and he is trying very hard to crawl.  He can also pull himself up to standing given something to balance on.

Our little bugger boy always makes us laugh with his antics… This morning, for instance, I rolled up the Sunday bulletin into a tube for him to play with in the car on the way home from church.  He put his mouth on the end and proceeded to talk into it like a trumpet!  Silly Peeju.

(Peeju is one of the many nicknames we have for Paul Jude, along with Peejitu (the small Peeju), Peejititu (the very small Peeju), Peanut, Cuteness, Pumpkin, Sweetness, Jubers, Jubie, Jubester… and his alter-ego, the fussy “Jeebu.”)

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Paul Laughing!

At 5 months, I was getting impatient for Paul to start laughing, so we showed him some YouTube videos of other babies to hopefully give him the idea.  A few minutes later, here’s what we got!

Is he actually….?

We love him, we really do, but he doesn’t take a pacifier… EVER.  With one exception.  Take a look:


Alien Pod Landing

An alien spacecraft just landed in our bedroom!

Actually, we got Paul a Bebe Pod (a little seat that helps him sit up by himself).  He loves it!

It’s Bathtime!

Paul recently discovered that he loves to splash in the bath…